Wii accessories on sale at Target

Reader Jarod sent me this email…

My purchase:
It is two wii-mote skins, two straps and an organizer. The organizer holds 4 wii-motes on the left, has a Wii stand in the middle and hold the nunchucks on the right. It was $24.99 for anyone interested.

They also sell 3 packs of the wii-mote skins and straps. They come in pack of orange/pink/blue (all two tone) and black-grey/black-clear/green (all two tone).

They also sell a large organizer that holds all that mine does plus like 5 game cases and comes with a soft cd case and no wii-mote skins.

They have dog tags and some sort of metal box that I have no idea what they are for.

There is also a small sling backpack that hold the Wii

Everything is $24.99 and was found on a end display near the video games at my local target.

We have seen these things before, but now Target is selling them! I might have to run out and pick up some.dsc00354ok8

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