Capcom says Dead Rising is all about the ability to 'pick up and use hundreds of objects', but Chop Till You Drop has less obects?

This snippet comes from Nintendo Power…

On the other hand, there are far fewer items strewn throughout the mall with which to bludgeon zombies, and you can now carry only one melee weapon at a time. A much great emphasis is placed on firearms and collecting ammunition, making the whole affair feel less visceral. Perhaps the strangest difference, though, is Frank can no longer jump. We’ll see if Dead Rising still lives up to its billing as “zombie paradise action” when we review the game in a future issue.”

Well, that’s a bit contradictory to what Capcom said earlier. So we get less items, and we also can’t jump anymore? I am losing a lot of confidence in this title. Thanks to Samfish for the heads up.


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