Icarian: Kindred Spirits - more screens, details


Unfortunately, I do not speak Spanish, nor do I know how to translate text! I can still link you to some information on the developer of Icarian, as well as some more details on the game. If anyone would like to translate, please hit me up with an email.

Developer details

Game details (thanks MundoWii!)

Now we have details, thanks to our friends at Revogamers!

- You can do up to 5 chained follow-up jumps
- you can glide for about 2 seconds (measured by a bar)
- Enemies aren’t that much of a challenge to defeat early on, but avoiding them may be a bit tough
- the main character can only stun some enemies earlier on in the game
- if you are stunned, shake the Wiimote to get out
- divine powers will help you take down enemies
- multiple ways to complete missions
- multiple hidden objects that can unlock bonus levels
- divine powers can allow you to move giant objects, ride on rocks, build platforms, redirect fireballs, build platforms and more
- exaggerated physics

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