Specular Interactive would love to make a Metal Arms sequel, but they aren't sure who owns the I.P.

A portion of a 1up interview with Specular president Steve Ranck…

1UP: Do you know who owns the Metal Arms IP now?

SR: Vivendi owned it. Well, we signed up with Sierra, and I think Vivendi owned it as part of that. And then when we were acquired, I believe Mike Morhaime had it transferred to Blizzard. I haven’t heard since then, so it’s either Blizzard, Activision, or Vivendi at this point. I’ve actually tried to acquire it, but to no avail.

1UP: So you would be interested in making a sequel?

SR: Oh absolutely, absolutely. Actually, Metal Arms — I wrote it to be a trilogy. We only told a third of the story. I know exactly where Glitch came from. I know exactly why he had that symbol on his head. I know all these things I’m dying to tell people about, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet.

I would love a Metal Arms sequel…but I just don’t think there are enough fans. Am I wrong?


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