Nintendo adds slight updates to Wii Sports

If you were to buy a Wii today, you might find yourself getting a version of Wii Sports that is slightly different from the original. Check out this information posted by a message board user

I have a launch Wii, and of course played a ton of Wii Sports. A friend of mine got a Wii for Christmas, and last night I was over and we were playing a bit, when I was surprised to notice subtle changes in the game. Particularly Baseball, they added a lineup intro at the start of the game, and your players actually throw the ball to first on a ground out (instead of just sitting there holding the ball for the mystery out). I also noticed that they added the Wii Remote condom jacket to the warning screen.

I didn’t get a chance to really explore the differences, but I thought it was really interesting that Nintendo has updated the game. I guess this sort of thing probably happens a lot, but mostly when something is ported. This is the first time I’ve noticed the same game on the same system. Have I missed any big ones?

I’d keep an eye on this thread, just to see if any other slight nuances are picked up on. Thanks to JetPilot for the heads up!

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