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Readers Littlewoody and Shaun let me know that the Wii made an appearance on a UK TV show called “The Gadget Show”. For those who don’t know what that show is (myself included as of 5 minutes ago), I included an explanation from Wiki…

The Gadget Show is a British television series focusing on the world of gadgets, technology and games. It airs at 7:15pm on Monday nights and is repeated at around 11:15am on Saturday mornings on Five, running for 45 minutes. It is filmed in and around Birmingham, UK. Repeats have also aired on Bravo and also Ftn. In India it is aired on Discovery Travel and Living. Its 4th series began on January 30, 2006 and the last episode was shown on April 24, 2006. [1]. The fifth series started in the UK on Five on the 18th September.

The gang at the show got their hands on a Wii, and apparently they had very positive impressions. We don’t have a video clip as of right now, but we do have an excerpt from the show’s website, which discusses the episode.

s5e6 wii01 400

As Jason is the biggest gaming fan (of the show’s hosts), we kept him in the dark about it right until the last minute, and he didn’t half get excited when he walked back into the studio. Quite rightly so, because the Wii is a stunner. Originally named the Revolution, it is just that; a revolution in gaming convention, mainly due to the remote-style, motion sensitive controller. The console may not have the power of some of its current competitors, or of the other next-gen big shots like the PS3, but it carries on the grand tradition of originality which Nintendo does so well. The gaming giant isn’t afraid to push the boat out into unknown waters, and from what we could see, it has paid off. The new style controls make games like Wii Sport tennis and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess instinctive, dynamic and a joy to play.

Hopefully we can grab a clip sometime soon.

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