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EA exec tells employees that they'll survive tough times as long as they create quality titles

by rawmeatcowboy
26 February 2009
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“Well, it’s not the easiest job in the world. That day I got the whole studio together and just stood up in front of them as said, ‘Let’s talk’. I said, look, I can’t tell you if this is the end or not, but we’re making some great games here. If we continue to make great games, if we continue to push this, we’re not going to lose our jobs. Because we’re making great stuff. People who aren’t making great games are going to lose their jobs. But if you’re making quality and we continue to push on that, and you’re a quality person then you’re going to keep your job. I think the fact that it’s happening all over the world, and that it’s happening in every industry, makes it a little easier because you say, look guys, we still have a job, EA’s a big brand and it’s a great company – we’re going to survive this. We’re looking to fix things. And they realise that: it’s a big, big brand.” - Glen Schofield general manager of EA Redwood Shores

That must have been one hell of a speech he gave. It’s not a pleasant thing having to approach your staff with a topic like this, but at least Mr. Schofield went in there and was honest while taking the positive route.