Bob of Bob's Game continues to spiral downward

When I first learned of Bob’s Game, I had a lot of respect for the developer. He put a lot of hard work into the title, and I thought what he was trying to do was very admirable.

Fast forward a year, and now I really don’t have much respect for the guy. I am sure his game is still just as great, and I would definitely support it if it came out…but I just don’t care for the developer or his tactics anymore.

In a recent update, he’s decided to attack Nintendo, Next Level Games, and the upcoming Punch-Out!! title.

we all know “Punch-Out!!” is going to suck because it’s a bastardized NOA imitation “sequel”
made by a third party Canadian studio to capitalize on mid-80’s casual NES player nostalgia, REGGIE.

Is Bob doing things like this just to get attention? I’m sure he is, and I know that I’m only feeding into it. Still, I just felt the need to share his latest approach to Nintendo, for I feel he’s gotten way out of hand. He has the right to say anything he wants, as do the rest of us. I just find it a bit childish to he’s switched to this sort of campaign when Nintendo turned him down.

Link and Link

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