Capcom claims higest retail project on WiiWare, says retail is falling away and digital is the way to go

“Capcom is trying to lead in digital distribution, and I would go as far as to say that in the console space we are already the leading software publisher. We’ve had the highest revenue-generating Xbox Live title, we’ve had the highest revenue-generating Wii title, we’re definitely in the top three or four on the PlayStation network. To that end, on the PC side, I’ve spent the past year building up a digital distribution channel that has about twenty different partners. We’re ready on the console side, and we were the first Japanese publisher to do anything on Steam. One of the problems, to be candid, is that retail is falling away. What are the reasons for that? Partly it’s that return rates are very high. Returns of a PC title are usually double that of a console title - why? Because it’s not a great consumer experience because there’s variation in minimum spec, and it requires a lot of consumer knowledge to figure out exactly what is in their box, and what that will run.” - Capcom’s VP of strategic planning Christian Svensson

So…Capcom is saying that Mega Man 9 is the biggest money-maker on WiiWare. I guess that could definitely be true, but I bet there are some other titles that aren’t too far behind. As far as digital downloads being the wave of the future, I agree…but I don’t think we will reach that point until much later. The industry seems to be very interested in this path, but they may be rushing the execution.


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