Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute - more details

“The series wrapped up its trilogy with Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel, so there was a bit of resistance to making yet another new title. However, we received word from a lot of gamers during development asking if this was really the end, and that was all the inspiration we needed to create a new trilogy, a ’second season’ of Layton.” - Level-5 head Akihiro Hino

- takes place 3 years before Curious Village
- takes place before Layton meets Luke
- takes place in a town that is bothered by a monster whenever a flute is played
- Luke plays an important role
- Remi Altava: new female character, plays an important role
- due out this Fall
- game is connected to the Professor Layton movie (Eternal Songstress), with the movie being a continuation of Devil Flute’s story

“With this trilogy, we’ve got puzzles and tricks that go across all three games,” he said. “I think each individual game is going to take a lot more time to complete than before. We’re challenging ourselves here because we don’t want people to think it’s the same thing over again.” - Level-5 head Akihiro Hino


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