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RUMOR - More fuel for the DSi VC fire - SEGA interested as well?

by rawmeatcowboy
23 March 2009
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This info comes from longtime reader Pezmanmike. I definitely trust the guy, and he brings us some more information concerning the DSi Virtual Console rumor we reported earlier today. Looks like he can back it up with info he heard from his Club Nintendo DSi event, and he also has word that SEGA may be supporting it as well.

I was at the dsi event in Naperville, IL and the rep there told us the same thing, that like the VC you will be able to download gb/gbc games. Now I don’t remember if he mentioned gba but he DID say that supposedly sega was interested in bringing Game Gear games to the dsiware too. Nothing set in stone but they are looking into it.

As I said, I really do trust Pezmanmike, but I will make this rumor just to be safe.