David Crane talks about the new A Boy and His Blob

A portion of a Game Informer interview with the man that created the original Boy and His Blob, David Crane…

GI: There was a recent announcement of a new A Boy and His Blob game. Did you have any involvement with that at all, or was it something that just popped up?

Crane: It just popped up. The last A Boy in His Blob, I had some involvement in, and Majesco ran into financial problems and canceled a number of projects. You probably heard about the new one before I did. Someone sent me an e-mail link and said, “Hey, look! They’re coming out with another blob.” It’s Majesco. They’ve accurately diagnosed that it belongs on the Wii. Again, when I did it, it was because I was doing casual games, even for the NES.

GI: It’s got to be kind of strange to see things like Pitfall—something that you created individually—and A Boy and His Blob just showing up in the wild, independent of your involvement.

Crane: What do they say? What’s the sincerest form of flattery…? When I did certain things, they were cool for their own reasons. A Boy and His Blob was just a great concept. You’ve got this shape-changing sidekick, who you use as a tool to get yourself through an adventure. It was a fun concept. We had a writer-producer who had done the Transformers animated features in on the project, and we were trying to do a video game, a toy and a movie simultaneously. We never quite pulled that off. It would have been the first.

Full interview here

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