Michel Ancel won't count Wii Beyond Good and Evil 2 out, lists September 11th as inspiration for the original

“There were a lot of inspirations: the Miyazaki universe, my own inspirations, politics and the media; the theme of September 11 - the CNN show with army messages and the fear climate. And it was a mix from other universes. It’s different from Zelda and other titles like that; very good games but they are out of time. [BG&E] was issued of the actuality.” - Michel Ancel

I would give anything to meet up with Ancel and discuss BG&E at length. Hopefully that rumor of the sequel hitting Wii will happen, and then maybe I’ll get my chance!

As we reported awhile back, Ancel still won’t reveal what platforms are going to see BG&E 2. The good news is, the Wii is called out specifically.

“We are not sure (what platforms). We are on a next-gen format but we can’t say if it will be one or two. (technical ambitions don’t) eliminate adaptations or particular versions (concerning Wii).

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