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Middle of the week already…time is going way too fast. Don’t get me wrong, I love how the weekend comes up quickly, but it scares me how fast time flies! Before I know it, Summer will be here! I’m going to try and savor Wednesday for all it’s worth. That starts with some sleep…see you all in a few, short hours.

Earlier yesterday, I had a conversation with one of the gang at 5th Cell. While they have nothing to do with Mixed Messages, I thought they would really appreciate the simplicity and creativity of Mixed Messages. The person I talked with went and downloaded the game, brought it into work the next day, and had a ball with it.

From there on, we had a short conversation about the title. Why is it that we were having tons of fun with the game, while others seemed to hate it? I guess it all boils down to two elements…players and imagination.

If you don’t have any people that are willing to give the game a try, then there’s no sense in purchasing it. You don’t want friends that will just try it once again give up, you want friends/family with an open mind.

That leads into point 2, imagination. You definitely need an imagination to play. Piecing together descriptions/artwork are the only elements of this game, so you better hope that your players are willing to work hard to pass along the original idea! That takes some inventive artwork, and descriptive sentences.

With that said, maybe I could convince you how great this game is by showing you. Below is a session that the gang played earlier today. The players involved were Mom Brain (named Flapjack in the pics), myself, Deux Michaels, Nicky Hill, John the Savage, Lube, RawMom and RawDad. No one knew that this session would be posted on the site…not even myself. After it all wrapped up, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. I really do hope this showcases the spirit of the game, and how much fun it can be.

A quick rundown for those that don’t know how the game works. We played with an even amount of players, which leads to this set of rules.

- Player 1 was given a random sentence. They drew a picture based on that sentence.
- Player 2 sees only the picture, and then writes a sentence based on that picture.
- Player 3 sees only the sentence, and then writes a picture based on that sentence.
- Game continues on until all players have done their part.
- Everyone gets together at the end to see the entire chain, and just how it got screwed up along the way!

Click each pic to see the full view


Now try and tell me that that doesn’t look like fun. You know you want in!

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