Wii featured in next issue of The Atlantic

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The upcoming releases of the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Playstation 3 promise to make this holiday season the biggest ever for the video game industry. Despite this, as Jonathan Rauch writes in the November issue of The Atlantic (subscription only), many video game designers are “vexed by a sense of underachievement.” While technically and visually dazzling, the conventional “boy stuff” that dominants today’s marketplace—the shooting, fighting, racing and sporting games—seem shallow and devoid of meaning. Rauch looks at the future of gaming and efforts, such as Spore, coming next year from SIMs designer Will Wright, and Façade, a game that lets you enter a conversation with a virtual married couple, and sees a smarter future ahead. You’ll also find a good profile of Will Wright in the November 6 issue of The New Yorker posted on their Web site.


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