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Fry's Electronics screwing people over?

by rawmeatcowboy
13 November 2006
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Discussion stemming from a Kotaku article…

I work in the software department (console games) at Fry’s electronics. Today, my supervisor informed me that we would not be allowing anyone to purchase a PS3 without also purchasing 8 games. What a launch day surprise, right? Show up, wait in line for hours and hours, run into the store, and THEN find out that, sorry, we forgot to tell you, but you’ll need to buy 8 games if you want the console.

At $60 a piece for the software titles, we’re talking upwards of $1080 just to get a PS3 from Fry’s.

Before you Wii fans shrug this news off, I was also informed that customers will be required to buy 5 Wii titles to be allowed to purchase a Wii console.

Wow, that is a pretty rough deal. Anyone plan on getting their Wii from there?