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Experts see health games as big business, want to push exergaming into schools

by rawmeatcowboy
26 June 2009
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“Healthcare is 18 percent of the GDP of the United States and so games for health is probably the largest sector of activity in the serious games field long-term. If you add up the 18 month sales of Wii Fit and the sales of EA Sports Active, Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution and other healthy games, the worldwide retail numbers are over $2 billion.” - Ben Sawyer, a co-founder of The Games for Health Project

We’ve seen the benefits of exergaming, and we know that plenty of people have shed pounds using one of the games mentioned above. There are a few schools that use these programs, but I agree that it would be great to see more taking advantage. Even if the units were only used once a week by each class, or especially when raining outside, I think the benefits would still present themselves.