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by rawmeatcowboy
22 November 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A great list of Wii tidbits that you might not know. Thanks to reader Grant who stumbled upon these over at the IGN Messageboards

· In the Photo Channel, you can catch the evil cat that runs across the screen to get tips! It appears in the Fun option, and you can grab the cat with the A and B button.

· You can have a 194 piece puzzle by holding down the 1 button before selecting any piece amount.

· If you don’t have an SD card and still want to check out Photo Channel, you can e-mail a Jpg to your Wii Message Board. There is a size limit for any mail you send to it - possibly 1mb.

· In Bowling, you can throw your ball into other people’s lanes.

· If you put mp3s in your SD card along with your photos, you can change the background music during a slideshow to one of your mp3s.

· When the messageboard records your play time, if you don’t exit to the Wii Menu before you power off the machine, it records the play time as “other”. If you properly exit to the menu and then shut off it will record it as the correct game.

· You can rearrange almost anything on the wii…like the channels and messages by just holding the A and B

· The plasma burin reduction kicks in the second the wiimote shuts down.

· when you get an e-mail, not only does the disc drive light up and pulsate blue, but your Wiimote sends out a little chirp

· when you’re in the Mii channel and you don’t use the Wiimote for a little bit and your Mii’s start walking around, if you then suddenly use the Wiimote, all the Mii stop and follow the ‘hand’ for about 3 seconds….

· when typing messages, and you need to go back and edit the message(while still typing) instead of deleting letters, just point to where you want to edit to move the type cursor.

· In Wii Sports Bowling, when you press up on the Directional Pad, it will zoom in on the lane. The zoom in sound is the exact same sound from Super Mario 64 anytime you moved the camera.

· Co Op Jugsaw puzzles in wii photos

· You can place the sensor bar upside down and it doesn’t reverse the directions of your movements…

· In wii sports bowling, you can release on the back swing and throw the ball backwards. It scares all the miis behind you.

· Classic controller has analog shoulder buttons. With the GC “click” at the bottom.