Famitsu review snippets

We showed you the scores last night, but here are some more details from the Famitsu reviews…

- Blood of Bahamut (8/7/7/8, 30 points): “highly reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus…It’s possible to beat the game in single mode, but it’s a challenge and it requires repeated leveling and equipment powering. Even multiplayer assumes leveling; it’s a pretty severe difficulty level.”

- Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love (9/8/8/9, 34 points): “Tingle’s horrible personality (I mean that as a compliment) and the unique game world are exquisitely put together.”

- Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (8/6/6/8, 28 points): “The touch-pen-only controls take a lot of the Sonic-like speediness away from the game”

- Marble Saga: Kororinpa (7/7/6/6, 26 points): “it looks like a casual little thing at first, but a lot of stages are surprisingly tough.”

More from each review here

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