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Five cool tech gifts, two to avoid

by rawmeatcowboy
27 November 2006
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A portion of a ZDNet article…

Nintendo Wii. This is the top game system of the year (more on the worst game system below), because it is about marrying physical play with virtual gaming. Beautifully executed, as ZD blogger Ed Burnette explains, this system sold out in one minute on Amazon when it was introduced on November 19. Eric Cartman went 500 years into the future to play the Wii. Nor are chances good that you can get the console before 2007. However, you can order a snazzy Nintendo Wii gift card charged with up to $1,000 at Target. Better yet, if you want to give a hacked Target Gift Card for the Wii, you can get the instructions on how to modify the card’s LEDs here.

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