Nintendo's official word on Metroid Dread

Following the earlier story of Metroid Dread being listed in Nintendo: Official Magazine, I decided to email Nintendo and see if they were willing to divulge any info. I just got back a response.

Hello and thank you for contacting Nintendo,

To tell you the truth, I have rumors about a Metroid Dread being in development for the Nintendo DS. However, that’s all they are: rumors. There are no current plans to develop the game.

Nintendo of America Inc.
M. Michel Grimaldi

The email had a lot more information, but it was all the required information that the email has to contain. The above part was the only personal aspect of the email. So while Metroid Dread has been heard, the people at Nintendo.com have said it is only a rumor. Hmmmm…the plot thickens…

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