EDGE's Dead Space: Extraction review - text snippets

This comes from the EDGE review of Dead Space: Extraction, which grabbed itself an 8 out of 10…

“The title of Best On-Rails Gun Game Ever isn’t the most prestigious, so let’s try this; Dead Space Extraction is the Citizen Kane of on-rails gun games, or at the very least the Towering Inferno. But where other on-rails games sit comfortably within walls that have existed since Virtua Cop, Extraction thrashes about until the walls buckle. It’s better designed, written, acted & directed than 99% of any genre’s games.”

“An on-rails shooter it may be, but those rails are a work of art. With barely a pause for breath they plunge, bank and sometimes even break, launching you into the unknown before you crash onto a new, entirely unexpected course.”

“Dead Space was a meticulously engineered survival horror, and the creepiest thing about Extraction is the ease with which it pulls that apart and rebuilds it as something else.”

“Extraction is not just a gun game that happens to work on Wii; it’s a gun game that couldn’t work on anything else. Meanwhile, it’s sharp writing, multinational cast and knockout looks, which owe a lot to some very moody lighting, lend it a multiplex charm that more than makes up for one notable foul-up; a poorly signposted boss battle.”


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