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Greg Johnson says SEGA won't pay to include ToeJam and Earl in Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing, intentions of creating another TJ&E title

by rawmeatcowboy
06 October 2009
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Greg Johson, co-creator of ToeJam and Earl has heard all the ruckus about the alien duo not appearing in Sonic and SEGA All-Star Racing, and he has commented on the official SEGA forums to let us know the real deal. It turns out that SEGA won’t pony up the cash to include the alien pair. He also happens to nudge at work on a new TJ&E game

Yo Wha’sup. Big Earl here, a.k.a. Greg Johnson - co-creator of the ToeJam and Earl games.

I just want to let you know that I hear you my alien brothers and sisters, and your voices make a difference. I can’t promise anything but I’ll give it another try and see if I can get the homies at Sega to talk again on the phone. No promises, but I’ll see what their interest level is. Hopefully they can see what amazing devoted fans TJ&E has. Hurray for the FUNK! Well if I get any news I’ll come back and post it here. And I’ll keep trying to get some new TJ&E game off the ground. No publisher has agreed to foot the bill yet, but never say never. The funky duo shall yet return.

Thanks for keeping the faith after so many years. Who says you can’t make a difference.

Big Earl out…

In another response, we learn that the creators of TJ&E haven’t seen any money from the Virtual Console releases of TJ&E…

We’ve already allowed Sega to publish the ToeJam and Earl games on the Wii for free (we get not a penny for that).

You can find both responses in full here and here (thanks NO and Cinbrad!)