GoNintendo Video Review - RIVE: Ultimate Edition

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- absolutely gorgeous
- fluid, fast, exciting gameplay
- great amount of challenge
- modes that keep you coming back
- mashes up multiple genre mainstays into something new and fresh


- some people might find it too challenging

Final Word

RIVE is Two Tribes' final game, and they couldn't have ended things with a better experience. This is one of the most fun and frantic shooters I've played in quite some time. The game is a blast to play, a sight to behold, and a great challenge of your twitch skills. From start to finish, the game is action-packed with some awesome set-pieces and more. I really do hate to see Two Tribes go, but at least they gave us one hell of a game before all was said and done.

Just how much in the way of actual 3D gameplay does Sonic Forces offer?

In the video above, you see the results of one man's analysis of Sonic Forces' gameplay. He wanted to see how much time you spent actually playing Sonic Forces once the following elements were taken out.

- menus/cut-scenes
- classic sonic and 2D sections of the 3D characters
- long automated sequences
- the boss fights
- the slide

When you take out the bits mentioned above, we get roughly 15 minutes of gameplay where you're playing as Sonic in 3D levels. I'm staying far away from this argument, but I am curious to know how you feel.

Super Nintendo World - construction site map analysis

The toughest part about Super Nintendo World is waiting 3 years for it to be finished, and that's if everything goes according to schedule. Walking into that park is going to be so surreal. It'll be a childhood dream come true! Can't wait to see it open!

Thimbleweed Park sales on Switch are above all other consoles

Well way to go, Switch owners! I really worried about this one. Wasn't sure Switch fans would embrace such an old-school game, but I'm very happy to see I was wrong!

Switch battery life ranked by games, brightness and wifi on/off

Nintendo Switch Battery Life ranked by Different Games, Brightness and Wi-Fi on/off

I have to know what's going on with Monopoly. I thought for sure that would be one of the games to kill it in the battery department. Unfortunately, it looks like the game is killing it in a bad way!

Smile Game Builder Exporter allows creations to be exported to Switch

According to Steam, Smile Game Builder is a "game making software. Programming is NOT a required skill! All necessary materials are included such as 3D models, graphics, music and more. NOW, all you need is your creativity!" The company behind Smile Game Builder recently revealed Smile Game Builder Exporter, which lets you export your creations to multiple devices. As you can see in the image above, the Switch is a supported platform! Famitsu reached out to the dev to see if people creating projects with Smile Game Builder could release their games on the Switch, to which you can find the answer below.

Famitsu: Would it be possible for individuals to release games created with SMILE GAME BUILDER on Nintendo Switch?

SmileBoom: Unfortunately at this phase, you cannot make a developer contract with Nintendo individually. If there are more and more interesting games, please kindly let our company turn them to products (laughs).


Basically SmileBoom is telling people to make awesome stuff, and then maybe they'll consider releasing the games on Switch!

HandyGames on why they're bringing 11 games to the Switch

HandyGames has gone all-in on the Switch, putting out a press release stating that 11 titles from them are heading to the platform.
It certainly seems like a big gamble, but Chris Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames, has sat down with GamesBeat to explain why they made the move.

“It’s not too many games. We plan to release different games for different genres. We see the demand for building up strategy or even god games. Several games we develop are co-op multiplayer titles and they are not simple ports. The Switch is a perfect platform that just perfectly fit to our games.

...We like the Switch because consumers are paying for content on the platform. If we start a new venture, we have to kill off something else. We’ve been a mobile first company, but that changed completely this year with the Switch. We try something out. We’re flexible. We go for the next hot shit.”

Nintendo starts sending out Miiverse archives

If you requested an archive of your Miiverse content, you should keep an eye on your inbox today. Nintendo has started sending out those archives today, with multiple people reporting that their collection has come in. Make sure you hold onto your archive tight. It's one of the last bits of data we have to remember Miiverse by!