Arc of Alchemist Introduces Seamless Real-Time Battles

Let's get real

LOS ANGELES, CA., November 13, 2019 – Take part in seamless real-time battles in the desert-filled RPG world, Arc of Alchemist! This week, the Iffy-cial website has the following updated information:

Arc of Alchemist™ will arrive digitally in North America on both the Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 early 2020! The game will be available in Europe digitally for the Nintendo Switch, and the PS4 version will have a physical and digital release.

The North American and European releases for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 include updated system features and the ability to choose and play between 7+ possible characters.

While exploring the game, players will encounter enemies on the field and automatically enter battle mode! You can strategize by changing up your battle formations and develop your own battle style by trying out different party members' classes!

The Western release of Arc of Alchemist includes the new update released in Japan which allows players to control any of the playable cast members during battle. Now, any cast member set as the party leader can wield the Lunagear - a special device assembled with ancient technology. Use the elemental Orbs (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) to your advantage and cast special skills that will help in your adventure!

Enter the desert in search of the key to save humanity – the Great Power. One year, the king declared that he would send a large-scale investigation team to the Desert of Beginnings.

Chosen to captain this mission, Quinn Bravesford leads her soldiers into battle against a swath of enemy nations for the sake of her kingdom. Quinn gazes at the ancient alchemic device, the Lunagear, within her hand. According to the legends of yore, once the Lunagear is equipped with the four Orbs, it will unlock the Great Power that will save humanity. Only one Orb resides in Quinn's Lunagear. Collecting the four Orbs for the Lunagear, however, is a mere legend.

With the threat of dangerous creatures and Machine Dolls wandering the desert, one of the enemy nations, the Principality of Neuhaven, has dispatched their military in search of the Great Power. Now, Quinn and her band of allies must fight against the Principality of Neuhaven in hopes to find the Great Power and save humanity. Quinn steels herself, but even so, she can't help but doubt the existence of the Great Power…

Key Features

Newly Polished and Ready for Battle – In the Western release, players can explore the Desert of Beginnings with updated system UIs and new base facilities for better character leveling. With this update, players can now choose from 7+ playable characters, each specializing in unique weapons, attacks, and abilities!

Four Orbs to Rule Them All – Wielding the Lunagear allows players to combine two of the four elemental Orbs: Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. Use the Lunagear to combine the elements and manipulate organic and mechanical environments to open new pathways and reach new heights, and even combine two Orbs to create special effects!

Build a Strong Base and Conquer – The Base is an oasis for the party to relax and reconfigure themselves for the next fight. Strategize the next plan of attack by customizing troop formations and setting each character’s battle tactics. Swap Orbs in your Lunagear to find a combination best suited for your next adventure. Swap, upgrade, and alter each character’s equipment tailored to your playing style. Assign active and passive abilities, boost character stats, and build facilities that will help improve your party’s makeup!

Amass Items and Exchange – Around every sand dune lies a multitude of treasures. Seek out items that can be used to equip and strengthen your party or exchange materials goods to alter a weapon’s appearance. Some weapons can only be forged with special materials, so be wary of what you sell!

eBay's top 5 gaming hardware/franchises for Sept. 2019 sees Switch lead the way, followed by the N64

Retro Nintendo is making big bucks

Wondering what the hot gaming items are over on eBay? We have the data on what topped the gaming charts for Sept. 2019, and there's some interesting entries on the list. Check out the top 5 consoles and gaming franchises on eBay for Sept. 2019 below.

1. Nintendo Switch
2. Nintendo 64
3. Super Mario
4. Xbox One
5. Call of Duty

The N64 is the real story here, seeing a 205% increase over searches in Sept. 2018. In Sept. 2019, eBay customers bought an average of 2 Switch units and Nintendo 64 consoles per minute.

Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are creating in-game tributes to Mai Shiranui

Oh Mai!

Masahiro Sakurai has said that King of Fighters/Fatal Fury character Mai Shiranui won't appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate because the series is for 'good boys and girls.' When fans found that out, they decided to set things right by creating their own tributes to Mai Shiranui in-game. That includes stages with giant Mai Shiranui depictions, Mii characters that look like Mai Shiranui, and more. Check out a full gallery of tributes here.

65 GAME locations in the UK taking part in a Pokemon Sword and Shield midnight launch

Midnight madness

If you're in the UK and you want to get your hands on Pokemon Sword and Shield as quickly as possible, you might want to hit up GAME. The retailer has announced that 65 different locations are participating in a midnight launch, with the full list of stores below.

- Manchester (Denton)
- Manchester (Arndale)
- Manchester (Trafford Centre)
- Shrewsbury
- Wigan
- Cheshire Oaks
- Birmingham Bullring
- Liverpool (Lord St)
- Warrington
- Bradford
- Harrogate
- Hull (Prospect Centre)
- Leeds (Headrow Centre)
- Leeds (White Rose)
- Gateshead (Metro)
- Middlesbrough
- Monks Cross
- Scarborough
- Sunderland
- Teesside
- York
- Spalding
- Doncaster
- Derby
- Wakefield
- Sheffield (The Moor)
- Sheffield (Meadowhall)
- Lincoln
- Nottingham (Victoria)
- Chesterfield
- Scunthorpe
- Newark
- Long Eaton
- Leicester
- Banbury
- Coventry
- Coventry (Arena Park)
- Watford
- Reading
- Kingston
- London (White City)
- London (Wardour Street)
- Milton Keynes
- Stratford (Belong)
- Basingstoke
- Bracknell
- Hinckley
- Colchester
- Worthing
- Westwood Cross
- Clacton On Sea
- Peterborough (Serpentine)
- Swansea
- Bath (Southgate)
- Aberystwyth
- Portsmouth
- Yeovil
- Bognor Regis
- Worcester
- Pontypridd
- Waterlooville
- Stirling
- Inverness
- Glasgow Fort
- Belfast

Gigantic Army gets a new round of screens

Check out more screens here

GIGANTIC ARMY is a heartfelt homage to 16-bit era mech shooters. Join forces and fight the invaders to change the future of humanity. It is the 21st Century and Earth is at war with the Ramulons - an alien race determined to stop mankind's advance into space.

Details on how Shiny Pokemon work in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the Y-Comm feature replacing the GTS

New tidbits on the next Pokemon adventure

Now that Pokemon Sword and Shield reviews are out in the wild, we have some new tidbits to discuss. Check out the rundown on two topics, Shiny Pokemon and the Y-Comm below. The information comes courtesy of USGamer.

Shiny Pokemon

- in the Wild Area, you find Pokemon in 2 different ways: low level Pokemon in the grass, and “strong Pokemon” walking about
- the strong Pokemon are 10 to 15 levels higher than you
- if you manage to defeat one, they cannot be caught with a Poke Ball unless you have enough gym badges
- these strong Pokemon aren’t random spawns and will always stay in a certain area
- if you come across a Shiny Pokemon that’s very strong, you can always go back to the same area later in the game
- Shiny Pokemon will also spawn in the grass


- in previous games, the Global Trading System allowed trainers to trade Pokemon online
- the GTS is not in Sword and Shield, but a new feature called Y-Comm serves the same purpose
- Y-Comm is available from the start of the game
- Y-Comm allows you to initiate a link trade, send battle requests, and perform a “Surprise Trade”

Nintendo and Pokemon Co. keeping close watch online to monitor Pokemon Sword and Shield illegal downloads and broken street dates

The all-seeing eye

Pokemon Sword and Shield have suffered quite a major leak, seeing the full games uploaded online illegally a number of days ago. On top of that, a select handful of retailers have broken the game's street date as well. This has lead to Nintendo and Pokemon Co. supplying letters to retailers to let them know that they're keeping watch of all leaks and broken street dates, and being implicated in these happenings could lead to serious problems. Check out a message from Taiwanese retailer Weblink on the matter below.

Dear merchants and partners, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15th across the globe. After consideration, we have decided physical copies will be delivered to all merchants and partners on 15th November or earlier before the stores open. However, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have been monitoring the Taiwanese forums and found out from a post that many players have already acquired the game (illegally I suppose) online.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo would like us to remind all merchants and partners not to break the street date and sell it before 15th November. Doing so will affect future game release dates or game stock in Taiwan in the future. To everyone who have ordered stocks from us, is equivalent to seeing the same opinion as us. If anyone is found to have breach the rule as described above, we reserve the rights for legal pursue. We thank everyone for their support, if you have any question, feel free to contact us. Best regards.

Nintendo Europe sending out Just Dance 2020 and Ring Fit Adventure surveys

Surveys for active gamers

Nintendo of Europe is currently sending out surveys to select customers who have purchased either Just Dance 2020, or Ring Fit Adventure. Completing the survey for Just Dance 2020 will offer up 30 Platinum Points, while the Ring Fit Adventure survey doesn't include any bonus.

Konami grabs a new trademark for Goemon

Let's Goe!

Is it finally time for the Mystical Ninja to return? Konami has filed a new trademark for Goemon in Japan, and it applies to various “game programs” and “game software.” We haven't seen a new Goemon game since all the way back in 2005, and that one wasn't even localized. Let's hope that if a new title is in the works, it gets a worldwide release.

Zero Punctuation tackles Luigi's Mansion 3

Zero Punctuation is back with another episode, this time diving into Luigi's Mansion 3. See what Yahtzee things in the video above.


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