Tanoshiku Omoshiroku Kanken Shogakusei coming to 3DS

- published by Shogakukan
- kanji learning game
- due out in Japan on April 19th, 2018
- ¥4,860

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the first Zelda game in Japan since Ocarina of Time to break 1 million units sold

We talked a little bit about this a few weeks back, but now it's official. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold over 1 million units in Japan alone. The Switch version accounts for 871,528 units while the Wii U version accounts for another 133,024 units. This makes it the first Zelda game in Japan since Ocarina of Time to break the 1 million mark. Now the question is, will it topple Ocarina of Time at some point?

Manticore: Galaxy on Fire - Switch icon

Here's another Switch icon for you guys and gals to critique. This one has the title of the game on the top, which I know a lot of people are looking for. Other than that, what do you think of the design?

30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 coming to Switch in Europe

Kraków, Poland – Teyon, a Polish developer and digital publisher, are proud to announce the upcoming release of 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 on Nintendo Switch™, the best and most diverse collection of challenging games for the price of just one game! The title will become available in the digital distribution in the European Nintendo eShop on March 8th for €14.99 and £13.49.

Defend your village against Vikings, climb to the top of the tower and overcome obstacles, play a round of hockey, switch colors and pass safely through gates, or play the classics such as snake, memory or cup game!

In this abundance of pick-up-and-play games, you can play solo, or get the party started, as over half of the games have support for up to 4 players. Pop up at any location and compete with friends for the highest scores!

The more you explore the more games you’ll unlock, for a total of 30 games. Master all of them and test your reflexes, memory & wits in this collection!


- Infinite replayability with 30 thrilling games
- Multi-player mode with 18 games for up to 4 players
- Improve your skills and level up to become the king in the high-scores
- Plenty of fun to explore in puzzle, action, sports, strategy and MORE!
- Stunning hand-drawn graphics and animations

Pokemon Duel - content update for Feb. 22nd, 2018

- the special Gym Cup, the Dark Gym Cup, has begun
- this Gym Cup increases the movement of Dark-type figures & increases White & Gold Attacks of Fairy-type Pokémon by 20.
- get the special Honchkrow figure, which runs until February 26th 2018

Official PR - A free update soars to Super Mario Odyssey!

The Super Mario Odyssey™ game received an exciting free update today. Let’s start with Luigi’s Balloon World.

Luigi’s Balloon World

After downloading the update and beating the main story, Luigi will now show up in different kingdoms to give Mario a new challenge. To start Balloon World (Internet access required)*, seek out the green-clad bro and have a nice chat with him. There are two modes in Balloon World: “Hide It” mode lets you hide a balloon somewhere in that kingdom, while “Find It” mode challenges you to find balloons hidden by other players from around the world. If you get good at hiding and finding balloons, you’ll also move up the online rankings!

New Outfits and Filters

Balloon World isn’t the only update today: new outfits for Mario and new filters for Snapshot Mode have also been added. There are a couple different options so be sure to check them all out! Hopefully the new gold coin filter will lead to a gold mine of new photo ops.

We hope you enjoy these new updates. And if you haven’t purchased the game yet, please visit the Super Mario Odyssey official site for more info.

Super Mario Odyssey - Luigi's secret dialog

Depending on the outfits Mario is wearing, Luigi will offer up some different dialog when you talk with him. If you don't want those snippets spoiled, don't watch the video above!

Challenging llama platforming action arrives on Switch with the launch of Superola and the Lost Burgers

Barcelona, Spain – 22 February, 2018 – Indie Game Developer Undercoders today announced that Superola and The Lost Burgers is available to purchase digitally in the USA and across European territories, for a suggested retail price of $5.99/€5.99.

In Superola and The Lost Burgers players control a burger-loving llama in its quest to recover the delicious hamburgers stolen by an alien hotdog race. A game packed with frenetic platforming action, including a vast world with an original storyline and tons of secrets, memorable boss fights, rhythm controlled bonus rounds, catchy chiptune soundtrack and lots of classic gaming references.

Superola and The Lost Burgers game features:

Challenging llama platforming action: Fast reflexes needed for a high speed scrolling challenge! Superola will have to jump over obstacles, avoid pits, grab burgers and shoot the hell out of enemies! Players will have to learn to control floatability in underwater stages, train their rhythm in bonus rounds and prepare for final boss fights.

Packed with content: With over 70 stages to complete, Superola’s world is vast and varied. From the grasslands to the hotdog spaceship, Superola will have to escape from the volcano, explore the abandoned castle, skate through the city and battle penguins on the frozen mountain. Visiting shops for tips to find secret stages and shortcut paths will be a must too!

A unique story: Superola will meet strange characters, collect special items, unlock new areas, discover the real plans of the invading hotdog aliens and get back the delicious hamburgers! Will players be able to achieve the 100% completion status?

VS mode challenge: Players can compete against friends in an increasingly difficult endless multiplayer mode, to see who can make it farther. New stages and costumes can be unlocked in story mode!

Developed and published by Undercoders, Superola and The Lost Burgers releases on February 22nd for a suggested retail price of $5.99/€5.99.

Official PR - Super Toy Cars to be released on Switch on March 2nd

Super Toy Cars is a tabletop arcade combat racing game featuring fast and cool looking cars, impressive tracks made of everyday objects and a bunch of power-ups that will let you destroy your opposition. Collect all cars and upgrades to keep up with competition while you progress in career mode or have a quick race either against AI opponents or against friends. You can play up to 4 players locally

Super Toy Cars is big and with lots of options for you to mess around and play with, but most importantly this game has been carefully crafted to be fun to play and race, either alone or with friends.

There are 16 different cars in the game each one with its unique handling model. You can experiment with them and play the ones that best suite your driving style and the different situations you'll find in our 15 tracks. Maybe you'll want to use different cars depending on which type of event you're playing, because we have 48 events in career mode, but not all of them are races! You can also play quick races either alone or with up 3 friends in split screen.

16 different cars with unique handling models.
15 different tracks in 5 different locations.
5 different event types for each track in the game.
Career mode comprising 48 events.
Up to 4 player local multiplayer.
Super Toy Cars will be available on the eShop for Nintendo Switch on March the 2nd for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99.

Aksys Games Announces Little Dragons Café, the next game from Yasuhiro Wada, for Switch

Torrance, Calif.-- February 22, 2018 -- Aksys Games is excited to announce that Little Dragons Café, the latest tour de' force by renowned game designer Yasuhiro Wada will be coming to the Nintendo Switch™ and the PlayStation®4 system in late summer 2018! Wada is most well-known for creating the popular Bokujō Monogatari series (published under the names Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons outside of Japan) as well as Birthdays the Beginning. Over his twenty years in the game industry, he has also collaborated with other designers on titles such as Deadly Premonition.

"Wada and I have been friends for a decade, and we've discussed teaming up on a new IP for about half that time," says Akibo Shieh, founder and CEO of Aksys Games, "It wasn't until Little Dragons Café that our schedules finally lined up so we were able to work together on a project, and the game has been in development for two years now."

The story opens with a twin brother and sister learning to cook and manage a small café under their mother's tutelage. All was peaceful and routine until one morning when the twins discover that their mother has fallen into a deep sleep and won't wake up. Suddenly, a strange old man appears to inform them that they must raise a dragon in order to save her. Working together with three quirky café employees, the two siblings must figure out how to a wrangle a dragon and manage the family business while finding a way to save their mother.

Features of Little Dragons Café include:

Dragon Husbandry - Embrace your parental instincts and raise your very own dragon! Through wise decisions, proper nutrition, and empathetic nurturing show the world the true potential of your dragon companion!

Culinary Capitalism - Learn new recipes and master the art of cooking while running your very own café. Explore the world, discover new ingredients, and expand your menu (and your restaurant) while catering to the whims of your customers.

Grow Your Own - The tastiest dishes use the freshest ingredients, and the best way to insure that is to grow your own produce. Till the land and fish the rivers to gather the most flavorful fixings for your signature dishes.

Serve the People - Feeding is nurturing, so you not only cook for your neighbors, but also help them with their problems to increase your popularity and the general happiness of everyone around you.