San-ei releasing Croquis book for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Here's yet another perfect coffee table book for any self-respecting Zelda fan. The Croquis book from San-ei is jam-packed with all sorts of sketches from Breath of the Wild. You can grab an import preorder through Play-Asia here.

Target, Adobe Analytics name Switch one of the most sought-after items during Black Friday

One of the biggest hits on Black Friday is turning out to be the Switch. It's kind of crazy, considering the system doesn't have any discounts on it! Target was quick to tout the system's sales as a success, which you can see in the blurb below.

...yesterday morning, nearly all of our Black Friday deals became available on Target.com. For added convenience, we offered more deals via Order Pickup than ever. Clearly a hit! By early evening, we'd received more than three times the Order Pickup orders than we did the entire day on Thanksgiving last year. Favorite deals included iPads and watches from Apple, gaming systems including Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Madden NFL video games and the 34-piece food storage set from Rubbermaid for only $7.

Following up from that, Adobe Analytics also called the Switch a top console for Black Friday, alongside the Xbox One X. No specifics were given with Adobe's figures, so we don't quite know where they're pulling data from. Still, great to see the Switch mentioned in there!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - A look at the Explorer's Edition map

I know a lot of people have been curious to see the Explorer's Edition map, and we finally have a pick of it. The Pokemon card was thrown into the picture to give you a sense of scale. Looks like a pretty awesome map to me. Would be great to frame this and hang it up!

Wii U's YouTube app seems set for an update

Looks like YouTube on the Wii U is getting an update to bring it in-line with what other versions offer. The app icon has been updated, and the Nintendo.com listing for the app shows some new screens. Not sure when the update is going live, but it seems like it'll be soon.

Poi: Explorer Edition now available for Nintendo Switch

NEW YORK – Nov. 24, 2017 – Alliance Digital Media is pleased to announce that PolyKid’s nostalgic 3D platformer Poi: Explorer Edition, is now available for the Nintendo Switch, both as a boxed product and digitally via the Nintendo eShop, priced £29.99.

A love letter to cheerful classics of 3D platforming, Poi is an engaging adventure that follows two aspiring Master Explorers as they search the far reaches of the world for an old explorer’s lost medallions. Journey to uncharted lands aboard your sky-ship, discover colourful environments filled with curious creatures, and use a range of jumping abilities to collect over 100 challenging medallions.

Poi: Explorer Edition expands on the core experience of the original Poi with a variety of special features, including Joy-Con motion control support, more challenging boss battles, new character costumes, and an unlockable digital soundtrack and art book.

Poi: Explorer Edition is rated 3 by PEGI. For more information, visit www.poi-game.com .

10tons discusses their major push for Switch support

A portion of a Miketendo64 interview with developer 10tons...

Miketendo64: Well, given the fact you guys are heavily supporting Nintendo’s latest home console due to all the constant releases, you guys must think a lot of the Nintendo Switch, in your own words, what are your feelings?

10tons: Switch is a great platform overall and an especially good fit for our titles. As we’ve always been a multiplatform developer, even supporting mobile for a number of years, there’s a certain way we develop our titles. We aim for relatively low technical performance needs, so we won’t have huge issues in that regard when bringing our titles to mobile.

We obviously can’t support the low end of mobile, as we need a certain level of graphical finesse to have our titles look great on a TV. Switch stands right in the middlepoint of these worlds, and even combines them by supporting both console type gamepads and mobile type touch screen! So if there’s a category of devices that our games were made specifically for, it’d be Switch and PS Vita. Sadly Vita’s hardware is aged by now, and we won’t be able to support it for long.

We’ve also been very pleased with the developer tools and publishing services Nintendo has provided for Switch developers, all of that is just very good. PS4 and Xbox One appear very similar to us in pretty much every regard. The hardware is practically identical, the publishing experience is very similar on top level, financial performance is very similar, marketing opportunities and challenges are similar and audiences are similar.

What sort of worries us, is the discoverability challenge. PS4 is flooded with releases, and the store team has taken steps to increase the feature slots. Xbox One isn’t quite as flooded and thus far the discoverability is somewhat better. Switch is rapidly catching and probably actually overtaken Xbox One in amount of weekly releases, and it’s possible it’ll be close to PS4 soon. Some changes to eShop to address the volume of releases seem likely within the next year. Steam is the most progressive about discoverability, as they obviously need to be, seeing how Steam is getting a month’s worth of console releases in a day.

Pokken Tournament DX - Special Group Match

- special Group Match has begun
- over the weekend, you'll be able to participate in the Shining Feather Cup
- this is a Group Match that focuses on Team Battles
- participating in this brings a special title reward
- if you place highly, you'll get other titles

In EU shops and on Nintendo eShop now – Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star

Take your boutique to the top as you style the stars of tomorrow in Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star, out now for Nintendo 3DS family systems. As the fabulously fashionable new owner of a struggling clothing store, transform its fortunes and become the hottest stylist on the scene!

Try it on!

A free demo* is now available to download from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS family systems, or via the official website**.

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If you’re a social stylista, be sure to follow New Style Boutique on Instagram and Facebook! You’ll find the hottest fashion tips, regular outfit inspirations and more!

Take charge of your very own boutique and help rising stars fashion their way to fame in Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star, out now for Nintendo 3DS family systems!

Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star is now available in shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems.