A look at the recent Pokemon anime HD remaster

In the clip above, the footage on the right is from a Kids Station re-run of the original episode, on the left is the 2012 remaster with the gray-black bars and the latest remaster with the greenish-yellow ones. Which one do you think looks the best?

Target once again says SNES Classic Edition preorders are coming

The other day, Target said SNES Classic Edition preorders would be available on their website at some point. Then they said they wouldn't be. Today they're back to saying preorders are coming. They just don't have details on when.

“We will have the Super NES Classic, and it will be available for pre-orders on Target.com at a later date.”

It certainly would be nice to get a heads up on when preorders are going to go live. The Walmart situation was a mad-dash, and has left some people with cancelled preorders. Let's hope Target does things better.

A look at how those realistic Splatoon 2 images are being made

We shared one of these images on our Twitter over the weekend, and now people are dying to see how those images are made. If you want the quickest route, you'll need Pokken Tournament Pro Pad, and a special piece of software. The software uses the Pro Pad to send custom inputs to the game, allowing for creations like these. You can get a more detailed breakdown here.

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition demo removed from Switch eShop in Europe

Here in the states, we never had the chance to download the Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition demo from the North American eShop. In Europe, the demo went live last night. The thing is, the demo has been yanked as of today. Looks like it was made live by accident. It will likely return at some point, but we don't have any details on when.

Ultra Hyperball - file size, hitting EU this week as well

We know that Ultra Hyperball is set for release in North America this week, and now we can confirm the title for release in EU as well. Now that you know the file size, you can clear up some space on your Switch in preparation!

Modders working on local two-player hack for Zelda: Breath of the Wild (UPDATE)

UPDATE - We are hearing that this project is actually a fake, and the creators behind it are trying to stir up a bunch of attention on the internet. We'll leave the post here for now, but when we do officially find out if it's a fake, we'll update this post again.

Wish you could play Breath of the Wild with a friend at your side? Apparently you're not the only one. It appears there's a hack in the works for Breath of the Wild on Wii U which will allow you to play locally with another real-life player. The people working on the hack say it most likely won't be fully implemented for another year or so.

King of Games celebrates 15 years of gaming shirts with a special gallery

King of Games has been making some of the most stylish gaming shirts there are for 15 years now. To celebrate, the gang opened up a gallery to showcase some of their works from throughout the years, including all sorts of Nintendo-related goodies. Check out a collection of pics from the gallery over at Nintendo Life.

Zen Studios has unannounced Switch games in the works, really pleased with Switch overall

Coming from a Reddit AMA with Zen Studios...

- Zen confirmed that they have unannounced games for the Switch in production
- it seems some form of Zen Pinball is definitely one of them
- their team believes Switch has taken a "big step ahead in the quality and accessibility of their development tools"
- Zen says Switch has "really decent specs" and it was "never easier to develop for a Nintendo platform"

Monster Hunter XX jigsaw puzzle releasing in Japan

What do you do when you're not playing Monster Hunter XX? You work on your Monster Hunter XX puzzle, of course! This 950 piece puzzle should keep you busy for quite some time. It's perfect for the parents who have no idea what Monster Hunter is about, but love any kind of puzzle!