Tin & Kuna developer draws on classic games for their inspiration

Tin & Kuna, available now from Aksys Games, features two quirky, colorful characters who roll, bounce and careen their way around a cartoonish 3D world of floating islands. Using the characters to maneuver spheres, players solve puzzles in a quest to contain the Chaos with gameplay mechanics that evoke memories of classic puzzle platformers from the heyday of console gaming. Brazilian developer, Black River Studios, had originally set out to solve a physics problem by expanding upon their highly regarded mobile game, Balloma, but soon discovered they were rolling in an entirely different direction and the result is Tin & Kuna.

Inspired by games such as Super Mario 3D World, Banjo-Kazooie and Super Monkey Ball, the developers wanted to mix old-school themes with a more unique and modern approach. A decision was made early on to transform their marble into living characters when they realized how the interactions between the characters and spheres added a lot of flavor to the game; now the player had to maneuver both a fully controllable character and a partially controllable sphere that is also subject to realistic physics. The challenge then became making sure the controls were simple enough to pick up quickly but also gave the players enough maneuverability to have fun.

Once the characters of Tin and Kuna took shape, the artists began designing their vibrant and offbeat planetoid. Taking inspiration from the dioramas in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, the designers came up with the detached floating islands that make up the game world. This allowed them to create 40 intricate levels on their own and run with whatever ideas sounded fun and intriguing. In keeping with the exuberant and animated natures of the characters, the environment plays with natural and artificial elements as well as fantasy and mythology to give a feeling of chaotic magic and fun.

Known for their groundbreaking VR and mobile titles, Black River Studios engineered an entirely new set of tools that would allow them to develop their first game for consoles, as well as a new production pipeline that coordinated several designers who had to make levels with varying goals but keeping to a unified direction for each world. The end result is a delightful and challenging game that is sure to keep players cavorting along with Tin and Kuna for hours of fun.

Tin & Kuna has been rated E by the ESRB and is available now for $29.99. Visit www.aksysgames.com.

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure coming this Fall to Switch

A classic arcade-style puzzler

Independent games developer 7 Raven Studios and video games publisher TotalConsole announce the release of Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure this fall on consoles.

7 Raven Studios will be publishing Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 while TotalConsole will be publishing it on Xbox One.

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is a classic arcade style puzzler featuring seven playable anime-like characters who will have to get through different challenges. The title has four different game modes and contains incredible boss fights.

Take on the role of Rusty Spout –a lonely but honest pirate who sails around the world looking for new adventures. Cocco, the evil pirate, has kidnapped all the children from Rusty's village. Navigate with Rusty Spout through five different beautiful worlds, each one with 10 amazing levels, and save them all!

A unique option in Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is colorblind mode which helps people suffering from color blindness to reach further in the game. The title will also be localized into 11 different languages.


Classic arcade style puzzler
Seven playable characters
Four different game modes
5 different Worlds
50 different Levels
7 characters to use in Endless Mode and Battle Mode
2 different kinds of Battle Mode
Incredible boss fights

This is the Zodiac Speaking shifts release date to Oct. 15th, 2020

A bit more work to be done

This is the Zodiac Speaking is a noir, fact-based single-player psychological thriller. The game offers two different gameplay modes. One blends storytelling with stealth and action gameplay elements while the second (Detective mode) puts emphasis on storytelling to let you fully immerse in the Zodiac investigation.

The game is now fully playable, but there’s still work to be done in terms of final fixing and playtesting. The other reason behind the delay is a simultaneous release for all the platforms.

Play This is the Zodiac Speaking and:

Discover the facts and evidence-based story of America’s most famous never caught serial killer.

Experience the story from the perspective of a person who survived the attack of the serial killer, face your trauma, and run an investigation that will lead you to the truth about Zodiac.

Unravel the details of the murders, visit the crime of Zodiac’s murders, experience real psychological sessions that will help you to manage your traumas.

Reveal the 3 alternative endings, all based upon your investigation decisions.

Enjoy the atmospheric, film music and original stylized visual style

Travel to the vintage ’70s and feel the atmosphere of the past in real California locations

This is the Zodiac Speaking is now scheduled for 15th October 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Super Blood Hockey Pre-Orders Close September 22nd, 2020

Don't miss your shot!

Final Week of Pre-Orders!

It's hard to believe that there's only a few days left to pre-order our exclusive Nintendo Switch physical for Super Blood Hockey (U.S. Customers), but six weeks just skated on right by! With that said, have you secured your copy?

Please note that if you're outside the U.S., you can still secure your pre-order directly from Video Games Plus here. Their pre-orders will remain open while supplies last.

International Partnership + Giveaway!

In case you missed it, we've partnered with Video Games Plus in Canada to be our exclusive Canadian partner as well as handle all our international shipping! To celebrate this partnership, we are giving away the following:

1 x Grand Prize: Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Console (JPN Edition) + Super Blood Hockey + Tokyo School Life
2 x Runner-Ups: Super Blood Hockey + Tokyo School Life

All the details on how to enter can be found here. Giveaway ends on September 22nd and winner will be contacted via e-mail and/or social media.

It's Called a Challenge Card for a Reason!

If you caught our interview with Geeks who Like Sports (you can view it here) then you saw our Challenge Card for our first release. If not, allow me to explain it in a little more detail.

With every single one of our releases, there will be a Challenge Card. On the back of each card will be a developer specific challenge that when completed and you provide proof of completion (all the details are on the back of the card), we will mail you a patch...FOR FREE!

The image above shows a mock-up of our first card along with the HIGHLY LIMITED patch for Super Blood Hockey. There will only be a finite amount of patches made and shipped so will you be playing our games to get one?!

Final Thoughts + Things to Come!

It really has been an amazing couple of weeks since we first launched the company. As you know, we will be bringing The PigeonDev Collection and A Robot Named Fight! physically to the Switch. These two games will also have a Premium Deluxe Edition in addition to the Premium Edition offered.

Make sure you're following us on Social Media and with our weekly Switchmania Playcast series as we will constantly be sharing updates regarding the production status of Super Blood Hockey, upcoming announcements and more.

Thank you again for all the support.

Unused Sombrero Guy partner discovered in Paper Mario: The Origami King

Oh, the adventures we could have had...

Paper Mario: The Origami King lets you partner up with a number of different characters along the way, but the source code for the game shows that Nintendo might have had plans for one more partner that didn't make the cut.

During your adventure, you'll come across a Sombrero Guy that needs some help with a party. It's a short, but enjoyable mission, but there might be a hint in the game's source code that there were bigger plans for the character. Screwing with the game's values allows you to have the Sombrero Guy join up with you, and he follows along beside Mario.

Whether Sombrero Guy was planned for a more substantial role is unknown. Perhaps his mission was slightly different originally, and it involved him tagging along with Mario for a short amount of time. Either way, it's clear Nintendo scrapped some of their plans for the character during development.

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness announced for Switch, releasing November 2020

Challenge your brain!

Paris, 16th of September 2020 - Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness, a brand-new brain teaser program inspired by the multicolored Cube and developed by Magic Pockets will be available on November 12th, 2020 in Europe and November 17th, 2020 in the United-States on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Mac!

The brain fitness software idea originates from the Rubik’s® Cube itself, the famous trans-generational entertaining brain teaser we all know and love. Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness offers a rich selection of fun activities to stimulate each and every part of the brain. Memory, logic, focus, math and more, the game will enhance or maintain gray matter’s snappiness.

An individual coach will guide you through your journey: Let us introduce you to Professor Rubik! Inspired by the Rubik’s® Cube genius inventor Ernὄ Rubik, Professor Rubik will always be by your side. Wise, reassuring and explaining the exercises, the Professor will make your experience as fun as possible while proving daily practice will lead to measurable improvements!

Alone or with friends, take on dozens of challenges in bright Rubik’s® Cube colors. Train at your own pace by choosing time-limited activities or mastering more complex puzzles!

- Play smart. In solo mode, complete a daily test and follow your progression to unlock new activities. Will you reach 100% of your intellectual power?
- Challenge your friends! In multiplayer mode, challenge your family and friends to lively, colorful and friendly games.

With more than 22 activities at release and 4 “puzzle-game” modes that get progressively harder, Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness has everything to become the ultimate Rubik’s® challenge and the best partner to all you puzzle lovers!

Stay tuned as more details will be unveiled in the upcoming months.

Caveman Tales - more gameplay

Gameplay of Caveman Tales on Nintendo Switch (no commentary). Release date: September 17, 2020; Price: $9.99.

Help the brave caveman tribe to find a new and safe paradise to live in happily ever after!
Long ago, in a land before time, there was a forest. For as long as you can remember, a tribe of humans lived safely there. Their village was small but the tribe was happy. But then, everything changed! For mother nature is unpredictable sometimes...
Will you help Sam and Crystal and their family to find a new place for the entire tribe?
In this fun and colorful time-management game you will explore, guide the tribe, build, gather resources, overcome obstacles along the way and enjoy the tale of family, friendship and courage!
However, be aware not everyone really has honest intentions. There are people who only strive to power and wealth. There are some who think the tribe should obey their orders, no matter what the orders are.

Pre-purchasing now available for 9 more games on the Japanese eShop

Time to get downloading!

9 more upcoming Switch games are now available to preload on the Japanese eShop. Check out all of the titles, their prices, release dates, file-sizes, and publishers below.

Secrets of Me
Price: ¥1,580
Release date: September 24th
File size: 395MB
Publisher:D3 Publisher

Lost Ember
Price: ¥2,990
Release date: September 24th
File size: 6.3GB
Publisher: Mooneye Studios

Bounty Battle
Price: ¥2,570 (¥2,056 until September 30th)
Release date: September 24th
File size: 1.7GB
Publisher: Merge Games

The Park
Price: ¥1,000
Release date: September 24th
File size: 2.0GB
Publisher: Teyon Japan

Price: ¥1,490
Release date: September 24th
File size: 1.1GB
Publisher: Beep

Price: ¥1,320 (¥1,188 until September 30th)
Release date: October 1st
File size: 191MB
Publisher: Kemco

Hell Sports
Price: ¥1,980
Release date: October 1st
File size: 351MB
Publisher: Neiro

Ys Origin
Price: ¥2,160 (¥1,728 until September 30th)
Release date: October 1st
File size: 2.3GB
Publisher: DotEmu

Price: ¥8,580
Release date: October 15th
File size: 1.8GB
Publisher: Experience

Yomiwosakuhana "You can play until the scenario is cleared" - Easy Edition
Price: ¥6,380
Release date: October 15th
File size: 1.8GB
Publisher: Experience

20 more titles hitting the Switch eShop in Japan this week

Lots more to play in Japan!

20 new titles have arrived on Japanese eShop this week (September 17th, 2020). Check out the entire lineup below to see the titles, prices, file sizes, publishers, and eShop links!

Monster Farm 2
Price: ¥2,820
Release date: September 17th
File size: 474MB
Publisher: Koei Tecmo Games

A Mysterious Adventure with a Demon Girl ~The Jewel of Power and the Tower of Return~
Price: ¥2,980 (¥1,980 until September 29th)
Release date: September 17th
File size: 571MB
Publisher: register

Azur Lane Crosswave
Price: ¥7,700
Release date: September 17th
File size: 8.1GB
Publisher: Idea Factory

Pro Yakyuu Famista 2020
Price: ¥7,348
Release date: September 17th
File size: 1.4GB
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Kingdom Rush Origins
Price: ¥1,520 yen
Release date: September 17th
File size: 404MB
Publisher: Ironhide Game Studio

Birushana Senki ~Genpei Hika Musou~
Price: ¥7,150
Release date: September 17th
File size: 5.9GB
Publisher Idea Factory

Grisaia Phantom Trigger 04
Price: ¥1,500
Release date: September 17th
File size: 2.2GB
Publisher: prototype

Price: ¥1,320 (¥1,056 until October 7th)
Release date: September 17th
File size: 691MB
Publisher: CFK

Price: ¥1,980 (¥1,580 until September 30th)
Release date: September 17th
File size: 191MB
Publisher: eastasiasoft

Dog Duty
Price: ¥2,500 (¥2,250 until September 19th)
Release date: September 17th
File size: 628MB
Publisher: Soedesco

Price: ¥3,278
Release date: September 17th
File size: 1.3GB
Publisher: DMM GAMES

Price: ¥3,000
Release date: September 17th
File size: 1.3GB
Publisher: PLiCy

Niche - a genetics survival game
Price: ¥2,050 (¥1,845 until September 23rd)
Release date: September 17th
File size: 1.2GB
Publisher: Stray Fawn

Price: ¥1,650 (¥1,320 until October 1st)
Release date: September 17th
File size: 5.7GB
Publisher: Phoenixx

Love Ring
Price: ¥2,480
Release date: September 17th
File size: 1.0GB
Publisher: Voltage

Reflex Unit 2
Price: ¥1,530
Release date: September 17th
File size: 787MB
Publisher: ROBOSARU Games

Price: ¥1,000
Release date: September 17th
File size: 385MB
Publisher: star sign

Arcade Archives: E.D.F.
Price: ¥838
Release date: September 17th
File size: 42MB
Publisher: hamster

World for Two
Price: ¥1,400
Release date: September 17th
File size: 245MB
Publisher: room6

G-MODE Archives 16 Beach Valley Girl Shizuku 2
Price: ¥500 (¥390 until January 28th, 2021)
Release date: September 17th
File size: 102MB
Publisher: g-mode

Three new demos now available on the Japanese eShop (Secrets of Me, AVICII Invector, and Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast)

Why not give them a try?

Three more demos have become available for Switch games on the Japanese eShop, and we have all the info on the titles below. Check out all the demos that can be downloaded for free using a Japanese Nintendo Switch account!

Secrets of Me
Published by: D3 Publisher

This is a game where, after getting plastic surgery, you can stalk a hot guy to get him to fall in love with you! If you're tired of typical otome games, then this one's for you!

AVICII Invector
Published by: H2 INTERACTIVE

Belt up and blast into the rhythmic regions of unexplored space in AVICII Invector.
Created in collaboration with the late superstar DJ, AVICII Invector is a pulse-pounding, frenetic rhythm-action experience.
Soar through vocal melodies, sweep each fade and attack every beat in 25 of AVICII’s biggest hits, including global chart toppers: Without You, Wake Me Up and Lay Me Down.

Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast
Published by: TakaraTomy


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