NCSX import - Dragon Quest slime slippers

Retire your bunny slippers and slide your feet into a pair of Slime Slippers instead which are available in blue or silver slime variations. The slippers are "free size" and should fit most adult human feet outside the courts of the National Basketball Association.

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Cosmic Star Heroine Switch port looking more likely

The dev behind Cosmic Star Heroine has been interested in bringing the game to Switch for some time now, but it appears he's had a hard time getting Nintendo to discuss the idea. Thankfully those days seem to be over, as another party has stepped in to make the port happen. Dev Robert Boyd explained the situation to USGamer.

"A contractor contacted us about doing a port [of Cosmic Star Heroine] and publishing on the Switch and their terms were quite favorable. Nothing signed yet, but I'm optimistic."

Super Mario Odyssey - final design sketch for Cappy

I didn't even realize the bit about Cappy's eyes when he laughs. Man, I love those little touches Nintendo throws into their games.

Random Time! - Playing Guitar Hero III's "Through the Fire and Flames" perfectly while blindfolded...and in expert mode

I've never even come close to passing this song on normal difficulty, and now we have someone blowing through it on expert difficulty while blindfolded. Well, guess I'm never going back to Guitar Hero!

Gorogoa dev discusses the importance of limitations in design

Gorogoa is one of the most unique puzzle games to release in ages, and that's thanks to dev Jason Roberts' laser-focused approach to development. In an interview with RockPaperShotgun, Roberts discusses how he kept mechanics in-check while piecing the game together.

“I wanted each scene to be very deep and have lots of detail. Four scenes seemed to be the limit of what people could keep track of, and that was pushing it. I’m glad it didn’t get bigger. I know that when people saw the game early on they said, ‘Oh, this is too simple, there’s only four tiles and a really small number of permutations’. But four turned out to be the sweet spot.

As soon as I allow the player to fiddle physically with things in the world there comes this temptation to create challenges that exist only within one tile, and I wanted to make sure that wasn’t true. The handicapping of the player is part of what’s interesting in design. All you’re changing really is what you’re looking at in any of the tiles. The source of all your power is where you choose to look.”

Mega Man Mastermix #1 due out this week

The Blue Bomber returns to comics through the classic stories of Japanese artist Hitoshi Ariga - available for the first time in color! In a world where humans and robots live and work together, six powerful robots have suddenly turned against their programming and set their sights on causing chaos and destruction! Only one heroic robot stands in their path - Mega Man, the greatest creation of Dr. Light!

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Multiple bug fixes in the works for Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is suffering from some glitches on Switch, and one of them is making the Crimson Court DLC pretty tough to power through. Thankfully Red Hook was made aware of the issue very quickly, and they've already submitted a fix to Nintendo for approval. If all goes well, we could see the patch hit later this week.

Aperion Cyberstorm - another round of footage

In Campaign, travel across four planets, through over 200 unique areas, to find the team that abandoned you. Playable cooperatively for an added challenge as the enemies you fight become tougher.

Freedom Planet gets updated on Wii U

Nice to know the Freedom Planet devs haven't forgotten about their Wii U fans out there. This might end up being the last update for the Wii U version, so take advantage and enjoy to the fullest!

Thanks to AndrewMated for the heads up!

Nintendo's Joy-Con Color Viewer website gets a slight update

Want to know what your Switch will look like with different color Joy-Con? Nintendo has had a Joy-Con Color Viewer website available for quite some time now, but the site has recently been updated with a new feature. Along with picking from different colors, you can now rotate the Switch in 3D to view your picks from all different angles.

Give it a shot here