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Square-Enix news - Shinji Hashimoto talks Crystal Bearers, a Dragon Quest IX rumor comes up

by rawmeatcowboy
19 April 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A bit of interesting news coming from a couple of Japanese game magazines. Shinji Hashimoto was interviewed by Famitsu for their recent issue. Mr. Hashimoto makes mention of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Nice to hear that the project is still alive! He assures us that the game will make full use of the Wiimote. Mr. Hashimoto also made mention that there will be talk of new projects at the Square Enix party. Whether or not we will find out new Crystal Bearers info at this even is unknown.

Japanese publication Game Labo has a bit of rumor for us to ponder. According to them, we will be able to take monsters from Dragon Quest IX on DS and transfer them to our Wii. They give absolutely no details as to why we would be doing this. I can’t see it relating to Dragon Quest Swords seeing that this game will be out before IX.