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Ocarina of Time 3D - Boss Challenge and Gauntlet no-damage guide

by cortjezter
30 July 2011
GN Version 4.0

Item: Bow and Arrows, Lens of Truth, and 3DS Gyrosensor
Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Boss Challege Mode Records: Original (00:53.13) Master Quest(01:18.93)
Strategy: If you don’t know how to fight him, Bongo Bongo will destroy you very quickly. However, if you know how to attack him, he will have a hard time laying a hand on you (no pun intended). Jump into the hole and let the intro run. Turn on the lens of truth. Afterwards, run towards the end of the arena, position yourself in line with the eye markings on the floor, and face Bongo Bongo. Bongo Bong has four sets of attacks: a clap, a sidesweep, a punch, and a grab. The first 3 will hurt you once while the last one will squeeze out your energy. If he uses the clap, return to your original position and wait for him to attack again. If he attacks any other way, roll towards the remaining hand (not directly forward or you may get hit by the attacking hand; the sidesweep may require two rolls). After rolling, immediately take out your bow, point with the gyroscope, and shoot the non-attacking hand. Once it is stunned, immediately aim towards the second hand which should be returning to its resting position. After you have it in your sights, shoot. Now aim, for Bongo Bongo’s eye with the gyroscope and shoot. Take out your sword. Bongo Bongo will fall stunned to the arena. Immediately jump-slash, slash, jump-slash, etc. (a,b,a,b, etc.) until he regains his composure. Now repeat the whole process again until he is dead.

Note: Aiming with the gyroscope makes the fight far easier than aiming with the C-Pad because it is much faster and accurate. The video was shot using the C-Pad aiming because it was not possible to shoot it with the gyroscope unless I had some 3DS capture software. Whenever you hit Bongo Bongo’s eyes or hand, he will drop arrows or magic containers.

Check out the source link for the rest of the training guide!