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Portion of rumored Wii U leaked specs confirmed by Ubisoft

by rawmeatcowboy
19 August 2012
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Remember when we posted up this blurb about the Wii U back before E3?

AMD GPU7 R700-Based processor
“GX2″ named API for Wii U
32MB embedded DRAM capable of 720p 4x MSAA or 1080p rendering in a single pass

Check out this info that comes from the LinkedIn profile of Ubisoft's Rémi Génin...

I currently work on a multi-platform game engine (PC-DX9, WiiU-GX2) during the production of "The Raving Rabbids 6".
- Maintenance and optimization of the proprietary engine.
- Improvements on the soft shadows system (VSM, PCF, cascades).

That right there actually confirms the GX2 API from the rumored info. Does that mean the rest of those leaked specs were spot-on as well?

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