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Nintendo Australia reveals release dates for upcoming Wii U titles

by rawmeatcowboy
17 May 2013
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New Super Luigi U: The Year of Luigi-themed downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U offers players 82 updated courses. But it also includes a new playable character in multiplayer mode: Nabbit, the thief who steals items from Toad Houses. New Super Luigi U will be released as downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U on Nintendo eShop on 21st June. But in honour of the Year of Luigi, Nintendo is also offering a standalone packaged version of New Super Luigi U that doesn’t require New Super Mario Bros. U, due for release on 27th July, at a suggested retail price of $59.95.

The Wonderful 101: The superhero action adventure from Platinum Games launches on 24th August. More details about the game will be released gradually between now and launch.

Pikmin 3: New playable characters Alph, Brittany and Charlie are to take over from Olimar, the main character who appeared in previous Pikmin games. Another announcement is the use of the GamePad (known as the KopPad in the game), where players can view the overall map and grasp what each character and Pikmin are up to. Pikmin 3 is coming to Australia and New Zealand on July 27th.