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Monolith Soft Kyoto Studio - work details, Animal Crossing: New Leaf involvement

by rawmeatcowboy
03 July 2013
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-Studio opened 2011
-Worked on the graphics of Animal Crossing: New Leaf
-Hired 10 new people this year following their expansion announcement earlier this year. Both fresh graduates and experienced workers.
-Brings their total staff to around 30. Mostly character modelers, effect designers, and animators.
-Staff has a high proportion of women, many staff in their late-20s
-Work is from 9AM to 6PM, no overtime without your boss's permission. (This is uncommon in Japan).
-No taking work home or unpaid overtime.
-Time for experimenting included in regular working hours, but can use the office tools up to 9PM for this purpose.
-Staff use their extra free time to pursue hobbies or hone their artistic skills.
-Looking for storyboard artists as they're making cutscenes at the studio.
-Article ends with a call for job applications for 3D CG designers, effect designers, and motion designers.
-The absolute minimum monthly salary for an experienced worker is 185,000 yen (US$1,837), up for negotiation based on experience and skills. There's also 2 annual bonuses, an annual wage rise, health insurance, and up to ~US$500 support for work related transport costs on top of the salary.
-Experienced workers must have 3 years experience or more, new graduates also welcome.

It is said that the company is working on a 3DS game, but we've yet to see any details on this project.