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And I used to like Microsoft...(their games division anyways...)

by rawmeatcowboy
23 November 2005
GN 1.0 / 2.0

My Xbox360 problems have gone from bad to worst possible situation. Either my 360, hard drive, or both are screwed up beyond belief. Every time I save a game and go back to play later, the data is corrupted. I wasted hours playing games to have to start over again. The system won’t save my gamer profile either; it comes and goes as it pleases. The 360 decides when it wants to save stuff on the hard drive, and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like finding that it is attached until the third or fourth try.

I am not an idiot when it comes to video game systems. I know how to treat them, take care of them, and use them. This is nothing that I did wrong, this system was shipped faulty. I don’t know about you guys, but it makes me pretty pissed to plop down over 600 bucks for controllers, games, and a system and not have it work. The fact that I reserved it as soon as possible only to get it and have it not functioning makes me really angry.

I am not the only one having these problems. Check out the Xbox forums and you will see pages and pages of people with problems. Hard drive, flashing lights, wireless probs, Xbox Live issues, and tons of other stuff. I know that SOME problems are expected at a system launch, but it seems like the 360 has an overwhelming amount.

So my story ends with myself spending over 2 hours waiting to talk to someone at Microsoft’s Xbox division. I finally get in touch with someone, explain the problem, and they are baffled. After another half hour of waiting they finally give in and tell me that I can use the warranty. Now I get to wait until they ship me the shipping box, I get to pack it up and ship it out, and then I wait. They are replacing my console, but who knows when their replacement will show up? Also I can’t help but feel nervous that when I get this new one that bad luck will befall me again and I’ll be looking at the same problems.

Quality control Microsoft…quality control. We are shelling out hard earned cash in amounts that we have never spent for a game console. Don’t rush your systems, test them out, take the extra time. System launches will always come with their own problems, but to see the level that is coming with the 360 is quite alarming.

To put a positive spin on it, if a broken 360 is my biggest problem for right now, then I guess I’m doin okay! Then again…this is quite an expensive problem to have!