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Nintendo 2DS is actually one big touch screen that's separated by plastic

by rawmeatcowboy
28 August 2013
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This is insanity! Check out this blurb from our friend Jeremy Parish that details just how Nintendo is cutting costs on the 2DS.

Curiously, the 2DS is even more of a tablet-style system than it appears at first glance, as it actually features a single large screen in its center, not two separate ones. As one of their cost-cutting design measures, Nintendo reduced the number of screens in the system from two to one, and the appearance of separate screens is merely simulated by the way the case masks out the extraneous portions. This means the entire screen is by necessity a touchscreen, with the upper screen protected by a layer of plastic that sits above it.

In other words, Nintendo is just breaking up the two screens with the plastic casing, then blocking the touch input on the top half by a covering. I think I want one of these just to crack it open and peek at the inside!