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"XIX Salón del Manga" event hosts Masuda, hints at Monster Hunter 4 localization

by rawmeatcowboy
09 October 2013
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“XIX Salón del Manga

- runs from October 31 to November 3
- Junichi Masuda will visit the event on November 3
- his schedule is as follows

From 11:00 to 12:00, a small talka about Pokemon X/Y
From 12:00 on will be a fan question and answer session
Masuda will kick off a tournament as well, with the winner getting to play Masuda
16:30 to 18:30 will be spent signing autographs

The press release for this event also states that the following games will make an appearance.

Pokemon X
Pokemon Y
Inazuma Eleven 3
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
Bravely Default
Monster Hunter 4
Bayonetta 2
Mario Kart 8
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Super Mario 3D World

An appearance for Monster Hunter 4 outside of Japan certainly seems to indicate that something is up. With Nintendo bringing the title, that would point to a publishing deal with Capcom, but it might be too early to make that speculation.