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Unseen64 - Metroid series development secrets (Hunters, Dread, Federation Force)

by rawmeatcowboy
08 July 2015
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Metroid Prime Hunters

- Metroid Prime Hunters was originally pitched as a single-player gamer
- NST found it difficult to replicate the feeling of console Metroid Prime games
- there were originally no plans for online multiplayer
- 3-4 months after the first demo was released, the idea was completely revamped to focus on multiplayer
- single player content was put together late in development

Metroid Dread

- 2D Metroid in development for DS
- took place after Metroid Fusion
- ideas for the game surfaced in 2005 via design documents, but pre-production didn't begin
- NST was being considered for the project
- Dread was in development at NCL in 2008
- it was shown behind closed doors at E3 in 2009
- used a similar 2D art style to Fusion
- the Dread subtitle was dropped at this point

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

- NST is not involved, nor were they made aware of the game's development