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RUMOR - Early details on tomorrow's European Nintendo Direct (UPDATE 2)

by rawmeatcowboy
02 March 2016
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You have been warned! If you don't want to see potential spoilers for tomorrow's European Nintendo Direct, do NOT hit the jump! If you do click through, I'm guessing you're okay with some spoilers!

Well, it looks like we have some interesting tidbits here for tomorrow's European Nintendo Direct. That is, if these rumors are to be believed. I mean, let's really think about things for a minute. Do you believe an outlet would be so starved for attention that they would create a fake Nintendo Direct lineup just hours before the event takes place? Also, the outlet in question ( has been very good with leaks in the past, so they have some credit to their name. With all that out of the way, let's look at the more interesting tidbits.

The list includes mentions of Lost Reavers, Monster Hunter Generations, Monster Hunter Generations X Fire Emblem and SNES VC games on New 3DS. As far as I can tell, those are the new tidbits of information. Certainly some nice surprises in there! Could Monster Hunter Generations end up being the localized version of Monster Hunter X? I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

UPDATE - Here's a little more discussion that adds some validity to the rumor.

UPDATE 2 - NerdLeaks has discovered that Monster Hunter Generations is listed on the EU trademark site.