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Nintendo was once worked on an erotic arcade game called 'Fascination'

by rawmeatcowboy
18 November 2016
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The following comes from Gunpei Yokoi...

“I knew that there would be only male journalists during the presentation of Wild Gunman, so I wondered if there was not a way to pull off a major coup by making something unusual that would seduce them. That’s how I imagined Fascination (ファッシネーション).

In this game, you see a young woman waddling to the rhythm of the music. The film stops when the lady shows you a closure on her clothes. If you manage to hit the target, then the video resumes and you can see her clothes fall off. By succeeding in a perfect series of shots, it was even possible to see the young woman completely naked (laughs). As you can imagine, this iteration of our game was a real success and was even more popular than Wild Gunman!

Actually, we did not really intend to sell this game because it used a much more complicated and fragile mechanism than the other title. We did set up some prototypes in Shinjuku and, you know, it was a great success.

We had hired a young Swedish woman as a model and I wanted to take part in shooting the sequences. She was really beautiful! At that time, CG did not exist and the challenge of making the images interactive was particularly fun.”

It seems that there are no pictures of this game floating around anywhere. It would be insane if someone could find this prototype. Let the hunt begin!

UPDATE - Reader Porky_Minch actually found an image of the prototype!