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Capcom asked Nintendo to increase Switch RAM prior to release for RE Engine support, Nintendo obliged

by rawmeatcowboy
19 March 2017
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Coming from a GamesIndustry Japan feature...

- Nintendo and Capcom discussed Switch’s performance and specs
- it was important for Nintendo as a platform holder to gather opinions from various developers
- Capcom said the main memory space (RAM) wasn’t sufficient
- this was due to Capcom's RE Engine
- in the end, the memory space of Switch is exactly same as Capcom requested
- this means Nintendo increased the original plan considerably, based on what Capcom and other devs said
- Capcom is looking into porting RE Engine to Switch by attempting to optimize it to operate in a low power state
- it is necessary to make the engine capable of corresponding to two different performance modes: docked and portable
- it is not an easy task, but they would like to put in the effort to achieve it