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Psyonix further discusses Sony's block of cross-platform Rocket League play, Nintendo happy to allow it

by rawmeatcowboy
16 June 2017
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Coming from Psyonix publishing boss Jeremy Dunham...

“I understand that stance. We want to take care of our players. But from our perspective, if PlayStation already allows cross-network with PC, which is the least regulated of any of the partners, then in theory, having Xbox and Switch in there should be fine. They’re a lot more regulated. From our perspective that concern is already handled. That’s taken care of.

Our dream is that true cross-network play — we want it on all the platforms. It’s very important to us, for multiple reasons. One, you can have faster matchmaking. The bigger the pool, the faster the matchmaking. It benefits everybody. Two, you get better quality opponents. In a bigger pool you have better people who are closer to your location.”

The following comes from Nintendo communications boss Charlie Scibetta...

“I’m really happy just as a gamer — let alone working for the company — that crossplatform play is possible. We’re really focusing on reaching out to get people to focus on our IP, and we’re trying to get people involved in any way we can — whether that’s mobile, Universal Studios parks, or licensing deals.”