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RUMOR - Mega Man Wii confirmed by Inafune

by rawmeatcowboy
20 November 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Okay, here’s the facts. We do know that Inafune was at a Mega Man 20th anniversary event this weekend. We also know that he talked a lot about the series as well. I cannot confirm that the information below is valid, but it does indeed seem to hold some water. This information comes from a Mega Man fan site, and is posted by someone that says they attended the event.


I was fortunate enough to have the privilege of attending the Rockman 20th anniversary event this year. While at the event I met with my previous Capcom contact (from the Ryusei event) who informed me of what Keiji Inafune was basically saying saying in his speech. Inafune stated he was surprised at the turnout, which was enormous, seriously they sold out of everything at the Rockman store in 30 mins. They actually had to tell people to stop getting in line for the store. Inafune also said that with this turnout he might consider making a new Rockman game in 5 years. When I asked about the Wii Rockman game I was told that while they have thought about it, and it is going to happen, they just don’t know any details. I also asked about brawl and once again I got a no comment. So here is to hoping!

In my mind, Mega Man on the Wii makes perfect sense. It seems like the platform best suited to the Mega Man audience. I am hoping that some sort of official confirmation of this news pops up soon…but for now, it’s purely rumor. Thanks to apsyd for the heads up.