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POLYMEGA is a new way to play classic NES/SNES games and more

by rawmeatcowboy
05 June 2018
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Re-think everything you know about playing retro games in your modern living room and say hello to POLYMEGA™, the world’s first modular HD retro game console. We built POLYMEGA™ so that you can have a modern gaming experience with all your favorite classic game cartridges, disc games, and accessories in 1080p HD without the clutter and sub-par video quality of using the old retro systems. It’s modular, so you can play an ever-growing list of classic game cartridge-based systems the way they were meant to be played – with minimal lag and with universal compatibility.

The POLYMEGA is a pretty interesting concept. It's a piece of hardware that lets you play NES, SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive, PC Engine / TG-16 and even Neo Geo CD games through different support modules. The platform will also support Sega CD, PC Engine CD / TG-16 CD and PlayStation games in the future. If you grab all the modules for every platform supported, there's no doubt you'll be spending quite a bit. That said, you can also mix and match the modules you want to get the most bang for your buck. Check out more details here.