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The Banner Saga Trilogy physical release requires a download, tentative dated for Sept. 21st, 2018

by rawmeatcowboy
16 July 2018
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Many were happy to see that the Banner Saga Trilogy was getting a physical release on Switch. Now we have some news to bring the mood down a bit. According to the game's cover art, it looks like the retail edition will still require you to download some content to get the full game. We're not quite sure what the required file size is right now, but those details should surface soon.

Also a bit of a bummer, we see that the release date listed on Amazon is Sept. 21st, 2018. The press release for the physical launch said the collection would be out this Summer. With the last day of Summer coming in at Sept. 22nd, this release is going to make it just under the wire.

Thanks to Traskin7 for the heads up!