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Sakurai details the struggles of putting together Smash Bros. Ultimate's soundtrack, and the importance of a game's soundtrack

by rawmeatcowboy
05 September 2018
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Can you imagine the amount of work that goes into putting together the soundtrack for a game like Smash Bros. Ultimate? Sakurai can't, and he's going through it right now! Smash Bros. Ultimate features over 900 songs, and amassing that amount of content has been no easy task. Sakurai opens up about the process in his latest Famitsu feature.

Sakurai went from cold-emailing all sorts of composers, seeing who wanted to work on the project, finding out which songs they felt like arranging, and then let them do their thing. All of this included lots of research into licensing, and some of the franchises involved are quite pricey and have a lot of legal legwork that needs to be done. It honestly sounds like an absolutely nightmare!

Why does Sakurai pour so much effort into something like this? He believes game music has an 'objective strength' for the game overall.

Check out Sakurai's entire Famitsu feature right here, translated by SourceGaming.