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SEGA comments on fans requesting Dreamcast titles for SEGA AGES, shares insight into the Virtua Racing port

by rawmeatcowboy
07 October 2018
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SEGA recently held a poll to see which titles fans wanted to see as part of the lineup. That list was absolutely dominated by Dreamcast titles, with Jet Set Radio taking the top spot. At TGS 2018, SEGA AGES producer Kagasei Shimomura talked about the poll results, as well as SEGA's plans moving forward.

- Jet Set Radio coming first doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll get a port
- that said, Shimomura wants to meet fans expectations
- Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma called for fans to vote for the game in the poll, which might have helped
- M2 president Naoki Horii essentially said he’d “do his best” when it comes to the possibility of Dreamcast ports

Mr. Horii also took some time to share a side-story about Virtua Racing. The team was trying to bring that title over to the 3DS, which never happened. They actually started from scratch to bring the game over, as the source code had gone missing. Since then, the source code has been found, and is involved with the SEGA AGES port on Switch.