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Iga talks Castlevania on Wii once again

by rawmeatcowboy
16 June 2006
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Play: We need a 2D Castlevania on next-gen console.

Iga: I’ve been thinking, trying to simulate various forms of Castlevania on next generation. I do understand that fans love 2D. I’ve worked on 3D platforms twice already, but i’m not really happy about my work. And as you know, i don’t want to lose. I want to be challenged. But no matter what platform it is, i will tell you that i will always continue to work on 2D games.

Play: I can see why you haven’t been that thrilled with the 3D games so far; they have been a lot more battlebased than platforming. And with Symphony and the earlier Bloodlines games, there was more platforming and swinging with the whip and stuff like that. Are those the types of things you might incorporate more into a next-gen 3D Castlevania?

Iga: Yeah, you’re right. I’ve been facing a dilemma over 3D game platforming… obviously i’ve done two projects already and i know something is wrong. I have certain ideas in my head, but we’re not up to the stage of expressing that in the game. That’s something i’m not happy with and really want to meet the challenge.

Play: Has your team been experimenting with the Wii controller?

Iga: I actually have, and from that experience i’ve noticed that Castlevania might not fit the controller. Wii is targeting some short gameplay, whereas Castlevania is a longer game. Once you get into the game you’ve been playing for so many hours it doesn’t really fit with Wii.


Iga PLEASE, give the Wii a chance! I am more then willing to whip my way through a Castlevania game on the Wii…it was actually one of the first franchises I thought of when I saw the Wii! What do you guys think?