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Nintendo mobile revenue grows 6% in Q1 2019

Slow and steady
by rawmeatcowboy
05 April 2019
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Nintendo is constantly working to expand into the mobile market and try different things. The titles they currently have available on mobile have presented consumers with all different ways to play, interact, and spend. It seems Nintendo's strategy is working, as profits continue to slowly climb. Check out the latest data from analyst firm Sensor Tower below.

- Nintendo’s Q1 2019 represented its third-best quarter of mobile gaming revenue since entering the space in early 2016
- $85 million in revenue worldwide last quarter
- this is up 6 percent year-over-year from $80 million in Q1 2018
- the only other blocks that beat out this quarter were 4Q18 and 1Q17 at $112.3 million and $106.6 million, respectively
- Fire Emblem Heroes brought in an estimated $46.6 million of player spending globally
- this is off 30 percent from Q1 2018
- quarter-over-quarter growth for the title was positive at 5 percent, up from $44.3 million in 4Q18
- Dragalia Lost saw a decline of 55 percent from 4Q18, bringing in $23.4 million compared to $52.5 million last quarter
- Q1 saw a resurgence in spending by Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players
- gross revenue for the title last quarter topped $12.9 million worldwide, a Y/Y increase of 30 percent from $9.9 million in 1Q18
- Super Mario Run accounted for 3 percent of the company’s mobile revenue last quarter, grossing an estimated $2.3 million
- this is 41 percent less than the $3.9 million players spent in the title during 1Q18
- Q/Q growth was plus 15 percent