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GoNintendo hotlinking and RSS feed

by rawmeatcowboy
30 January 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Hey gang, just wanted to update you on a situation. As some of you know, today GoNintendo was pretty slow. This was due to a lot of people checking out the Brawl news, as well as other sites hotlinking our images. It made things pretty much come to a crawl for most of the day.

Our hosting guy was nice enough to set up a hotlinking precaution to stop people from stealing out bandwidth. That worked out just fine, but this change also started to screw with RSS feeds. Our RSS readers were getting the hotlinked image instead of our actual image.

We will have to work out a way to solve both of these problems. For now, we have disabled the hotlinking precaution, so RSS readers should be just fine. If you are wondering what our RSS feed is, just click here. This address also has a permanent link at the very bottom of GoNintendo.