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Princess Maker: Faery Tales Come True apparently riddled with bugs, publisher working on an update

What's a princess to do?
by rawmeatcowboy
25 December 2019
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Princess Maker: Faery Tales Come True recently released for Switch, and apparently there are a ton of bugs impacting play. Customers have mentioned issues with badly translated text, menu issues, stat indicators not working, music stopping, and an issue where the main character’s daughter will stop aging completely.

Thankfully, publisher CFK is aware of the issues, and have committed to fixing things up. Check out their statement on the matter below.

First of all, thank you so much for purchasing the game. We apologize for the inconvenience to you about "PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-". We are currently checking to your inquiry, and we are preparing hard the update data for you to play more pleasant the game. We ask for your understanding that it takes time, and we would appreciate it if you could wait for a little bit. Thank you