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Universal Studios Japan x Nintendo 'Super Nintendo World' press event footage, Question Mark Block interaction showcased, 'Global Promotional Event' hitting New York in Feb. 2020

BIG things are happening with Super Nintendo World!
by rawmeatcowboy
14 January 2020
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Nintendo and Universal had a major press event for Super Nintendo World, which is going to launch Summer 2020 in Japan, and sometime afterwards in other regions. You can check out a recap of the presentation in the video above, which was put together by Universal Studios Japan.

During this event, we learned that a special Global Promotional Event is going to be held sometime in Feb. 2020 in New York. While it's not exactly clear what will be shown at that event, we do know that the park's opening date is going to be announced sometime after this event.

Also during today's press event, we got to see some interactivity with Question Mark Blocks that will be scattered throughout Super Nintendo World. As long as you have one of the park's Power Up Bands, you can walk up to a Question Mark Block and have a bit of Mario fun. Check out the interaction in the video below.

Finally, a few more pictures from the event were showcased. Check out the gallery below, which includes pics of the stage presentation, as well as a close up look at the Power Up Bands.

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